About Raju Sitaram

Raju has over two decades of experience in the field of software development, and has been responsible for architecture and execution of several large-sized web applications deployed in the financial services and manufacturing industries. His solid technical strength, coupled with a strong understanding of several domains, has positioned him ideally to work closely with clients, give shape to their application vision, which is then translated into a working application by the development team. At present, Raju steers the product strategy of the CORE Solutions suite of products at Congruent. Raju holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce and Accounting and has followed that up with several specialized technical courses from Sun, IBM and other leading technology players.

An Approach to Seamless Data Migration during Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Platform Modernization

The change in the customer environment in the US retirement markets, coupled with the increased competition and need for growth in plan participant base, has caused US retirement plan providers to reassess their platform/technologies and processes. It’s the right time for the plan provider organizations to establish a level of parity from a technology perspective [...]

4 Reasons why pension providers don’t want to upgrade Aging and Obsolete Enterprise Systems:

In the retirement services industry, aging IT Systems that have been upgraded with a piecemeal approach over the years are a major challenge to the pension providers. Not only has this approach led to technology obsolescence but has also adversely affected the overall productivity due to increased maintenance and administration overheads. What are the key [...]