Our vision is to transform the global retirement industry by making record-keeping and plan administration institutions more efficient, more robust and more competitive.

We provide the broadest, deepest portfolio of retirement technology solutions for global retirement and pensions industry. Our technology solutions cover end to end DC record-keeping and plan administration technology solutions, and specific point solutions for individual processes. These open, integrated and modular solutions fit seamlessly into any existing application landscape or can be an individual platform that will deliver ROI within a few months, and for years to come. The modularity and configurability of our technology solutions means that it can adapt and change at the same pace as business or market requirements.

Explore Congruent’s CORE technology products and solutions, and see how they can help you in transforming the challenges around digital record-keeping and plan administration into business opportunities!




COREDC® is our flagship technology platform designed for the retirement plan providers in the United States. It leverages close to a decade of Congruent’s experience in serving the US retirement industry.

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CORE Point Solutions



CORE Point Solutions from Congruent help the plan providers and sponsors improve productivity and efficiency of their operations by bringing simplicity to the complex world of record keeping. Point Solutions of the CORE Solutions suite address specific needs and are easily deployable to work with existing record keeping systems.

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