Technology Consulting

Application re-engineering, system consolidations, process engineering, adoption of cloud computing, technology outsourcing, adoption of IT infrastructure, software services and business processes as service, digitalization through SMAC are some of the latest trends in the global retirement industry. Plan provider and recordkeeping organizations are facing ever-increasing demands from their customers. Plan sponsors and participants are demonstrating greater willingness to embrace new products, services, channels, and adopt new ways of engaging with administrators and each other.

Congruent, with its robust portfolio of technology consulting services, well-defined strategies, solutions and deep domain expertise, will be your ideal technology consulting partner. We can guide and support the plan provider and recordkeeping organizations in their technology roadmaps, and help them realize the full potential of latest technology trends. Our consultants draw upon years of direct, front-line experience in business strategy, operational transformation, and technology as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure your success.